Daily intelligence on Wallstreetbets.

Get daily change alerts.

Deviance’s bleeding-edge linguistics technology is applied to deliver succinct daily intelligence on the retail trading investors within Reddit’s WallStreetBets community, used to quickly and accurately determine the biggest changes in opinion and where their trading activity is most likely to move to. Reports are delivered first thing every weekday morning, with full daytime support from the technical team.

wallstreetbets top 10 new entities    wallstreetbets top 10 sentiment changes

Detailed weekly analysis is also available on request, providing the vital evidence and context needed to identify fund risk and determine opportunities.

Uncover what’s going to happen next.

Some examples of how Deviance is applied successfully, enabling fund managers and traders to act decisively:

  • – Where are retail traders looking next?
  • – Which personalities are they talking about and what is the scale of the groundswell around them?
  • – What is the sentiment around these personalities eg. hedge fund managers? Who is most likely to be targeted next?
  • – Which organisations are they focused on, for example which hedge funds? What is the scale of conversation around these organisations and what is the sentiment around each individual hedge fund? Who is likely to be targeted next?
  • – When is the end for a particular asset, e.g. when does the GME pump stop? 

From the language experts.

Deviance, the language experts, first developed unparalleled intelligence capabilities for use by governments globally to monitor public reaction to their interventions during the COVID19 pandemic, tracking online communities including Reddit and many more using sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and techniques originating in criminal linguistics. Core to Deviance’s philosophy is the ability to uncover opinion change in massive language sources, rather than simply search for what you already know:

  • – Uncover new personalities, locations, and organisations in discussions.
  • – Determine the sentiment attached to these entities.
  • – Demonstrate how that sentiment is changing and the context to that change.